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Who better to plan your travels, then our elite team of experts who have traveled the globe to over 170 countries and all seven continents. Our travel advisers have over 60 years of combined experience in global travel.  


Everyone’s travel dreams are different. You may want to cruise the Mediterranean, tour the great European cities, embark on high altitude trekking adventures, visit African mountain gorillas, swim with whale sharks, attend ancient cultural festivals, or cruise to Antarctica.  


We are fortunate to already have traveled to these places.  Each trip, we vet the flights, hotels, restaurants, and excursions, adding recommendations to our treasured black book of contacts throughout the world.  We draw upon our expertise and connections to build a personalized awe-inspiring dream journey to places and epic experiences you can’t find online. 

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Virtuoso is a network of the best luxury travel agencies, with more than 17,500 advisers worldwide. Virtuoso advisers represent the best of the best in travel, with a portfolio of nearly 1,700 preferred partners - top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. Virtuoso advisers use their global connections to plan the most memorable experiences for their clients, from weekend getaways to dream vacations. As a Virtuoso member, Stone Luxury Travel can tap into those preferred partnerships to provide the best travel experience possible to our clients, including special perks at hotels and on cruises, as well as exclusive experiences that can't be found on the internet.


Purpose: Destination Wedding

Client:  Blaine & Julie

Destination:  Thailand

Highlights:  “We took our vows on top of an elephant in Chaing Rai, the Golden Triangle!  Snorkeled in Koh Samui, cruised to the Ang Thong islands, visited Buddhist Temples.  Stone Luxury Travel’s Founder Patricia speaks Thai and was able to create a custom itinerary for us, surprising us with local flowers, cuisine and even found a bridal veil in the jungle for Julie to wear.”

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Purpose:  Bucket List Travels

Client:  Tom & Diane

Destination:  Antarctica

Highlights:  “From the moment we mentioned we had always wanted to travel to Antarctica, Stone Luxury Travel made our dreams come true, adding our other bucket list destinations like Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Argentina & Chile to our itinerary, and planned all the logistics for us.  Moments like kayaking in glacial waters, visiting the Emperor penguin colony, and cruising on Seabourn was a delight!”

Purpose:  Solo Travel to the Middle East

Client:  Victoria 

Destination:  Qatar & the United Arab Emirates

Highlights:  “Stone Luxury Travel designed a unique itinerary for my solo travels, starting in Qatar where I visited the local market and shopped for trinkets, met local artisans, and also the United Arab Emirates where I stayed in Abu Dhabi and stayed in the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand desert, rode a camel, learned how to belly dance.  The grand finale was visiting Dubai where I saw incredible architecture and art.”


Purpose:  Anniversary Celebration

Client:  Gary & Pat

Destination:  Maldives

Highlights:  “We wanted to celebrate our 10th year anniversary, and Stone Luxury Travel presented a few destinations for us to choose from.  The Maldives intrigued us with the remote islands and the white sand beaches, crystal blue waters.  Our trip was dreamy and we felt like we were the only ones on the island.  We stayed in a luxury villa on the water and the tropical scents, dramatic sunsets, strolling together on the sandy banks were moments where time stood still.”


Purpose:  Girls Trip

Client:  Kathy, Joannie & Jan

Destination:  Sri Lanka & India

Highlights:  “After our Discovery Call with Stone Luxury Travel, we decided to have them plan our trip.  Their access to local experts opened doors that we wouldn’t be able to find online.  We stayed in a palace, saw a Bengal Tiger, celebrated the Holi Festival, hiked to the 14th century Sigiriya UNESCO site, and ate the most delicious local foods.  Every day awakened all our senses - the colors, smells, sights and meeting the local people was so enlightening.”

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Purpose:  Family Vacation

Client:  The Stewart Family

Destination:  Italy - the Dolomites to Puglia

Highlights:  “Stone Luxury Travel designed a fabulous itinerary for our family vacation!  We are an active family and also interested in experiencing the local people and culture.  We hiked the Dolomites for a few days, stayed in a chalet in the evening and had handmade pasta and local wines for dinner.  We extended our travels to the heel of Italy’s boot down south to Puglia where we explored the beaches near Ostuni, saw unique Trulli dwellings, went fishing, cycling through olive groves, and made a side trip to the fascinating ancient town of Matera where we slept in a luxury cave!”

Purpose:  Romantic Getaway

Client:  Molly & Chuck

Destination:  French Polynesia

Highlights:  “Stone Luxury Travel’s Founder Patricia grew up in Tahiti and knows all the insider tips for French Polynesia.  She planned our trip and included unique activities like snorkeling with whales, attending the Heiva Festival (annual dancing and singing performances every August) with front row seats, arranged a private Tahitian dance class for us, and island hopping from Bora Bora to Moorea.”

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Purpose:  Bucket List Travels

Client:  The Weber Family

Destination:  Africa Safari - Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia & South Africa Capetown to Stellenbosch

Highlights:  “We went on safari in Kenya and Tanzania with our family and received the VIP treatment since we booked our trip with Stone Luxury Travel, a Virtuoso member.  Our family loved spending the day observing the giraffes, elephants and monkeys.  It was amazing to see wildlife in their natural habitat and learn how we can play a part in conservation programs.  The sunsets and dinners where we shared our favorite sightings each day made our time together more special.  We have returned on other trips to Africa for more safaris and Stone Luxury Travel always finds ways to make our travels magical.”

Purpose:  Friend’s Adventure Trip

Client:  Joe, Bailee, Anna & Ben

Destination:  Iceland & the Faroe Islands

Highlights:  “Stone Luxury Travel came to our rescue helping us navigate travels in Iceland and the Faroe Islands.  We tried to DIY our own trip and spent endless hours running into deadends and not finding a rental car or a hotel to stay in or how to pronounce a town’s name like Klofalækjarkjaftur.  Stone Luxury Travel saved us hours of planning and costs too!  They designed a self-drive trip for us in Iceland so we spent 9 days driving around and seeing the natural beauty, best places for vistas - waterfalls, hikes, beaches, and the nicest places to stay!  The helicopter flight over the braided rivers blew us away.  They also created a self-drive tour for us to visit the Faroes with stunning scenery.”


Purpose:  Bucket List Travels

Client:  Peter & Katie

Destination:  Morocco, South of France & Croatia

Highlights:  “Stone Luxury Travel worked their magic and managed to present us with an itinerary we didn’t think was possible for one trip.  We wanted to visit three different countries and they arranged for a guided tour through Morocco - including Fez, Essaouira, Marrakesh, Casablanca, and the Atlas Mountains.  Our guide helped us negotiate at a rug shop, and shop at the best souks for a pair of leather slippers.  We attended a painting workshop in the South of France for a week, then finished our travels in Dubrovnik and walked its city walls with a historian, followed by a fresh seafood dinner overlooking the city at night all lit up - spectacular!”

Purpose:  Bucket List Travels

Client:  Lisa & Claire

Destination:  Thailand

Highlights:  "Stone Luxury Travel helped my daughter and I plan a trip to Thailand that was the vacation of a lifetime.  It started with helping us to put together an itinerary of activities and excursions that were perfect for us, some we requested and others were ideal suggestions such as cooking class with a local chef, Chaing Mai bicycle tour and local market visit.  Of course, in these challenging travel times, no trip goes without unexpected issues.  Patricia helped us navigate visa requirements as well as COVID requirements.   She kept us up to date along the way and during our trip.  In the end, it was an amazing experience made much more enjoyable and special having worked with a Virtuoso Travel Advisor such as Patricia. "

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Purpose:  Bucket List Travels

Client:  Amy

Destination:  Iceland

Highlights:  "Our magical trip to Iceland, planned by Stone Luxury Travel, was perfect in every way. Skies were dancing with northern lights: private geothermal spa swims, hikes through glittering ice caves, sophisticated restaurants, hip hotels, etc. Every detail was customized to our needs and desires. Patricia even charted historical weather patterns to ensure a clear night for our Aurora sighting! We are novice globetrotters, but we felt relaxed and taken care of with Patricia's guidance throughout our adventure. In addition, SLT was right there for us to sort out any snafus-international Covid protocol, flight delays and reservation changes. Patricia Stone is an extraordinary travel advisor and fabulous human. We will never travel without her again!?

Purpose:  Eco-Adventure (Family celebration of 15th anniversary, 60th b'day, graduations)

Client:  Ginna & Denny

Destination:  Costa Rica

Highlights: From vision board to reality, Stone Luxury Travel helped to create an extraordinarily magical and memorable 10-day trip for our family of four to Costa Rica.  We started in the volcanic region with hot springs, traveled to the cloud forest where wildlife was abundant, and concluded our trip on the beaches at a divine resort where champagne and chocolate covered strawberries decorated our rooms on arrival.  Patricia Stone truly is a concierge ... planning the trip, anticipating/mitigating the post-Covid obstacles, partnering brilliantly with the locals, and attending to every detail before, during and after our travels.  We scaled waterfalls, toured chocolate and coffee farms, learned about the bird life and culture, ambled through the rain forest, ziplined across extraordinary canopies, and soaked in the sun and Pura Vida spirit. Divine!  Highly recommend.

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