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Travel Consulting and Management Fee 

Stone Luxury Travel provides a highly personalized travel consulting service; we charge a retainer for our time. We begin with a Discovery Call – a 30-minute call to discover each client's trip preferences and style and their destination of choice.  We identify trip specifics such as goals, preferences, travel style, concerns, “must haves,” fees, and budget.  Only after this preliminary conversation, if the client desires to move forward and hire Stone Luxury Travel, will we charge the required, non-refundable planning fee.  These fees are due regardless of whether the trip materializes.  

Our compensation is derived from both supplier commissions and professional fees. Neither alone is sufficient to enable the level of service we provide to our clients. There are numerous models for advisor compensation, including hourly charges or annual subscriptions. We have chosen this paradigm as the most transparent from the client’s standpoint. 


Stone Luxury Travel offers three levels of service: Silver, Gold and Platinum, with rates starting at $500.  Choose a level of service that works best for your needs Click here or request a custom quote at

Engagement and Customized Itinerary Retainer: 

Starts at $500 per itinerary (per destination)  

• Travel Research and price comparisons 

• One custom-made itinerary proposal 

• 5 hours of collaboration with travel partners and clients 

• Management of all travel components 

• Ongoing support for the duration of the client's travels 

The fee is based on the complexity and length of the trip and the number of guests. $500 is the typical fee for a one-week trip to one destination for up to 6 people. Longer trips, additional travelers, multi-destinations, or last-minute planning will incur additional fees due to the extra hours required related to everything above. 


Please note:  Rates vary and are dependent on the number of travelers, destination, length of stay, and complexity of the trip. 

Groups of 7+ will be billed at the hourly rate with a $1,000 deposit due to begin work. There may also be minimum budget requirements for groups of 7+.  For corporate travel, team meetings, and offsites, inquire for rates.  100% of the rate is due upon hiring and is non-refundable.  

When the payment is made, you will also be required to sign a terms and conditions agreement.  Good to note – Stone Luxury Travel does not book: home rentals on Airbnb or VRBO, hotels using points or miles, hotels that are 3* or below, flights booked with credits, miles or points. 




Airline Tickets Only: 

Domestic Flight - $100 per ticket per person 

International Flight - $150 per ticket per person 


Hotel only: 

No charge if the client specifies the exact Virtuoso or preferred partner property. 

$50 to research and/or book each hotel reservation (other than the above). For a lengthy itinerary, it may be best to price as customized land itinerary. 


Cruise or Escorted Tour: 

$50 per person for each cruise over the age of 12 


Any Rail, hotel or other supplier that does not pay a commission: 

15% of the cost of that portion of the itinerary. 



Depending upon the complexity of the trip, be it customized or a pre-structured tour, will determine the fee.  This will be discussed with the group leader at the initial discovery discussion.   Minimum $150 per person.  


Change Fees: 

Once the itinerary has been booked, if the client requests a change in the itinerary, there will be a $100 fee per change.  If there is a request to make a change while the client is traveling, they will incur a change fee by the supplier – the amount is determined based on the complexity of the requested change. 


Cancellation Fees: 

The client will be responsible for cancellation fees according to the terms and conditions of destination suppliers. 

In addition, Stone Luxury Travel will charge a $500 per person cancellation fee for trips cancelled. 



There may be other instances in which it is necessary to charge a professional fee.  However, such an arrangement only occurs after any such fees have been discussed with and consented to by our clients. 




*Stone Luxury Travel fees cover the time involved for consultation including air and land segments, private travel arrangements, preparing destination information, recommending and organizing daily activities, making dining reservations, itinerary and document preparation and presentation, and monitoring your travels during your trip with the local supplier. 


 * Fees are charged once the Credit Card Authorization Form is received, and planning commences.  Planning Fees are non-refundable. 


 *Price quotes are applicable to the date and time at which they are requested and cannot be guaranteed until confirmed. Quotes in a foreign currency are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and international credit card issuer fees. 


*Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect you and your investment.  Stone Luxury Travel is not liable for any additional costs or fees resulting from traveling without insurance. 



Adding Value & Service to Your Travels… 



The planning + design fee does more than just "book" travel. The fee covers hours to contact wholesalers that may offer lower rates or work direct with the hotel to quote options, secure your reservations, VIP you, extend extra amenities and assist with activities, restaurants, spa and more. Typically, for Stone Luxury Travel clients booking the top Virtuoso 4-5 star hotels, the value of the free breakfasts, resort credits and other benefits you receive by booking through us will more than make-up for this fee …plus, we do all the work and you just have to show up for your trip and fully enjoy your travels.   


We are here to work for you and provide a highly personalized vacation. Thank you for your consideration. 

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